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In my "Malicious Prosecutions" lawsuit, I would be stripped of everything dealing with the jury trial I won with the exception of an exhibit I had used that was signed by Beverly Rusk herself.

When I was stripped of using a single word from the transcript, the malicious words "Faggot" and "Infatuated" were concealed.

When I was stripped of using 4 of 5 of my previously used exhibits, evidence demonstrating a "Total Lack of Good Faith" was concealed.

The previoulsy used exhibits concealed from the "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit proved Beverly Rusk furnished false information to Assistant State Attorneys to have them harass me, she furnished false information to Police Officers to have charges brought against me and then she furnished false information about an earlier trial to have charges brought against me a second time.  The concealed exhibits demonstrated a "Total Lack of Good Faith."

Now, given what was concealed in my "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit and the reason the case below was "Reversed and Remanded" you will see that the Appellate Court Judges should have used the phrase "Reversed and Remanded by Res Judicata of the Mack case" instead of letting Duane Thompson's misrepresentation of the Mack case stand!

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The funny thing is, when I tried to show that Beverly Rusk made a total mockery of the Justice system just so she can control who gets to answer her daughter's questions, then Duane Thompson's Fraudulent Deception would end up being the basis for yet another legal precedent!  The story of how his misrepresentation of the following Mack case was turned into case law can be found at:

Mack page 537
Mack page 538
Mack page 539
Mack page 540
Mack page 541
Mack page 542