Since you can not see what is happening in the courtroom,
I'll add a comment between pages 38 and 39 and one between 43 and 44.

There is another small comment after page 35 when I knew I had won the jury trial.

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(Little did the State know, Exhibit #1 would also completely impeach Cheryl's testimony!
In other words, I had won the jury trial at this point regardless of how Cheryl testified!

  All I had to do was remember to enter a Police Report that was OK'd earlier, that proved
they lied to Police Officers and got away with it, because she worked at the Courthouse!)

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I am looking through all my letters sent them that were on the table the Prosecutor was sitting at.


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I am asking a question about a letter that Beverly withheld from the State.
The letter was not on the table that the Prosecutor was sitting at.
Beverly admitted she had received one, but the State never saw it.

This letter might have prevented a jury trial.
Beverly later lied about withholding this evidence in the trial for Malicious Prosecution.

Beverly even brought this letter in during the trial for Malicous Prosection!
I could tell which letter it was, because it was not in an envelope and never folded.


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