Dissecting a Malicious Probable Cause

I won a jury trial 12 - 0 even as a pro-se litigant when I was allowed to face the fraudulent statements on the "Warrant Information" below.   That paperwork is also part of the "Probable Cause" since it classifies as a "State of facts on the mind of the Prosecutor" even though it is not facts it was just fraud and deception.

The "deception" is where it states "prior conviction."  They fail to state the facts behind that "prior conviction" where I accepted an invitation to dinner by Beverly Rusk and with the help of fraud told to Frank Fuhr and fraud told to "Police Officers" that "Invitation to Dinner" was turned into "Criminal Trespassing."

In a "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit I would not be allowed to face my accusers and prove the "Warrant Information" below was nothing more than more fraud and deception from a woman that had a history of using fraud and deception with her friends and Police Officers.

Also when I was prevented from facing my accusers in a "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit "Evidence of Malice" was suppressed.

"Malice" in a "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit is "anything other than Justice."  On pages 25 - 30 of a transcript I had Beverly Rusk admit to calling me "faggot" and "infatuated."  Both those terms could not be Justice so I had "Evidence of Malice."  Pages 25 - 30 of the transcript can be found at:

When Judges made assumptions about the "Warrant Information" below, they failed to assume that it contained "Evidence of Malice" so they themselves helped Duane Thompson conceal "Evidence of Malice" with their assumptions and helped Duane recreate one of the "Errors of Law" that "Reversed and Remanded" the Mack case that he misrepresented.

The other reason why the Mack case was overturned was the "Probable Cause" showed a "Total Lack of Good Faith."

The fact that the State knew the Beverly Rusk had furnished false information to Police Officers and they still wrote her fraud down on the "Warrant Information" below shows more than a "Total Lack of Good Faith" it shows favoritism among her friends at the courthouse.

Also on the heading of "Total Lack of Good Faith"  and using the "Report of Proceedings" from an earlier trial it shows "intent to answer her daughter's questions" and not "intent to harass."  That manipulation of Evidence was clearly the work of Beverly Rusk and her friends.

The answers to Cheryl's questions were given in the jury trial that I won.  To think that Beverly Rusk deemed it necessary to conceal my answers from her daughter should show the cause for her daughter's breakdown could have been an Overprotective Mother that is also a Pathological liar.

Had I been allowed to face the "Probable Cause" used against me in a "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit, I would have also shown exactly where Beverly Rusk's use of fraud against me was started and that there has been a "Total Lack of Good Faith" from that day on.

And to think, after all I had going for me, to prove "Malicious Prosecution" three judges would decided to let Duane Thompson recreate the exact same two errors of Law that "Reversed and Remanded" the Mack case to get their names in three law books.  More about those three judges at:

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