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Below is a copy of the trick Duane Thompson used with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to help him get away with Fraudulent Deception, meaning recreating the exact errors of law that reversed and remanded the legal precedent he misrepresented.

To prove to the ARDC that Duane Thompson misrepresented the facts and misrepresented the law I sent a letter to the ARDC on September 16, 2009 with a list of the facts that a jury was allowed to see that are inconsistent with what Duane states about the facts.

The body of the letter sent to the ARDC on September 16, 2009 can be found at the bottom of this page.

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The following is the body of a letter sent to the ARDC on September 16, 2009.

Response to Duane Thompson or (omitted info)

I am returning a letter that Duane Thompson sent you years ago because it proves he misrepresented the facts to misguide you and then after he had you mislead it made it easy for him to misrepresent the law. By the way, that is the exact same trick he used in the courts too.

The facts that the Jury was allowed to see proved that Cheryl Wingert had questions for me as proven by Defense Exhibit #1 and I had answers for her as proven my Defense Exhibit #4 and that Beverly Rusk was acting alone when she decided to use the courts to prevent me from answering her daughters questions as proven by a quote from Cheryl Wingert on Defense Exhibit #1 where she states "I had nothing to do with that."

If you look at why Beverly Rusk had been so opposed to me answering her daughters questions from 1974 on it can be tracked down to malicious slander of Donny Geiger so all Duane Thompson really did when he added to false statements of his client in the letter he wrote you was to add to the lies that Donny Geiger told Cheryl Wingert in 1974.

If you look close at the Mack case that Duane Thompson misrepresented it proves judges did not want to make assumptions about evidence that could be used to prove a total lack of good faith. When the judges at the Appellate Court in case 3-91-0162 ruled they overlooked the fact that the "Probable Cause" had been used in court to impeach State's witnesses. If they had seen Defense Exhibit #1 that was signed by Judge Brinn they would have seen that it was used to completely impeach Cheryl Wingert with prior inconsistent statements too and their use of her testimony in the second jury trial was unfair because it had been impeached by the statement of facts that they were making unfair assumptions about.

In other words, even though the Mack case was reversed and remanded because judges didn't want to conceal evidence of a Total Lack of Good Faith that is exactly what the judges at the Appellate court did when they ruled using Duane Thompson's misrepresentation of the law.